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In partnership with Doutor Finanças, NOVA IMS and FPUL, Laicos-Behavioural Change developed a study to understand the impact of financial well-being on the lives of Portuguese citizens. We explored financial literacy and its components - knowledge, attitudes and behaviours - and measured the impact of demographic and psychological variables on financial well-being.

Discover the current state of Portuguese financial well-being and what influences it.

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Our products and services reflect the infinite possible recipes that can be done with these 3 ingredients to solve your challenges:

Behaviours. BeliefsAttitudes


We decode the behaviours driving your challenges, design science-backed strategies, and guide you to measurable results.

Our goal is to provide actionable insights by combining bottom-up and top-down approaches. We actively contribute with psychological science insights from diagnosis to implementation and evaluation of efficacy.

We take pride in our collaborative approach, tailoring our co-created solutions to our clients needs and resources.


We empower your company with the knowledge and tools of behavioural science through engaging workshops and bespoke programs.

Through de application of active methodologies, we ensure higher engagement and facilitate participants’ learning acquisition. Our workshops are practical and take into account the needs and preferences of participants and their organisations.

Our approach is focused on tailoring the contents and exercises to meet the desired outcomes of our clients.


We build rigorous research studies to measure and understand specific outcomes, such as the effectiveness of new products or services, the impact of policy changes, or the drivers of customer satisfaction.

Our expertise in Psychology brings valuable insights to survey programming skills and quantitative and qualitative data collection using several softwares, as well as encompassing hard-to-reach communities.

We believe in the power of translational research which allows us to implement cost-effective evidence-based interventions.

Meet the team

Throughout our professional journey, we have been involved in and accountable for the management and implementation of research projects within and beyond academic circles.

Our research experience in academic settings, serving as research assistants, ensures the necessary scientific rigour for conducting studies with robust methodologies.

Simultaneously, our engagement in designing and implementing studies in business, NGO's, and European project contexts attests to our ability to adapt and communicate complex results and processes in a simple, clear and appealing manner, tailored to diverse stakeholders.


Madalena Ricoca-Peixoto

Lourenço Palma dos Reis

Alexandre Vieira

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